In my cupboard I have the following types:

Sweet inspiration!

Sweet inspiration!

  • Amber crystals – lovely for a treat when the coffee’s served at your dinner parties
  • Black treacle – another favourite for family fruitcake recipes
  • Dark and light brown – grain size varies. Great for rich cakes and biscuits plus also a tsp will work wonders in a tomato sauce
  • Demerara – the largest grain size and my all time favourite – the only thing to have on your pancakes, along with fresh lemon juice!
  • Dulce de leche – a caramel sauce made with sweetened milk. It’s the nearest ready made product to boiling a can of condensed milk for hours!
  • Fondant icing – for those special cakes
  • Golden caster – the finest sugar in terms of grain size apart from powdered icing sugar, the best for baking, unless you want a really pale (white) coloured sponge, in which case use ordinary caster sugar
  • Golden granulated – the next size up in terms of grain – tends to go in more visitors’ tea than baking, if I’m honest!
  • Golden syrup – essential for my Gran’s oat crunch biscuits and as a treat, drizzled on ice-cream and ideal for Snowy Road, my Xmas version of the classic.
  • Icing – essential not just for icing cakes but also for some scrumptious desserts like my Tiramisu. A dusting of icing sugar (through a tea-strainer) can really lift a pudding. See my Lemon and Raspberry Tart for details.
  • Honey – used quite a lot in our house, not just on toast. Try it in my ‘Fig and Honey Tart’.
  • Maple syrup – my husband’s favourite on pancakes along with a sliced banana and some flaked almonds
  • Toffee Sauce – traditionally made with sugar and butter, it’s great for creating easy desserts.

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