Savoury Flavours

  • Coconut milk for creating creamy curries
  • Chutnies and Relishes – great for livening up toasties and sandwiches.

    These are a few of my savoury things!

    These are a few of my savoury things!

  • Fish sauce – for great flavour in Thai curries
  • Gravy – I always make my own but sometimes you need a little extra help! Gravy browning is a colourant that will make your gravy look lush :) Add it very gingerly, as a couple of drops is likely to be enough, in particular with white meats like chicken.
  • Honey and Mustard Salad dressing. – a must for perking up sad salad leaves!
  • Goose fat – for the perfect roast potatoes!
  • Ketchup and HP sauce – essential for brunches :)
  • Longlife lemon and lime juice – for those times when you don’t have any fresh.
  • Mayonnaise – we use an extra light version as an alternative to butter or margarine on sandwiches and in my tuna mayonnaise.
  • Prepared ingredients – lazy pre-chopped and/ or puréed chilli (also great if you have a habit of getting the juice in your eyes!), ginger, garlic and tomatoes make life easy when you’re cooking in a hurry. I also love harissa, a Tunisian chilli paste.
  • Redcurrant jelly – add a couple of teaspoons to homemade sauces to give them an extra depth of flavour. Key ingredient of my special sauce to go with steak and chips.
  • Rice wine – great for oriental dishes and in slow cooked dishes.
  • Table salt -for most cooking
  • Rock and Sea salt – they have slightly different flavours (rock salt is stronger in flavour) but essentially do the same job i.e. seasoning savoury dishes before or after cooking.
  • Sauces – In general, I prefer to make my own sauces, as then you know what’s in them, it usually doesn’t take as long as you think it will and it invariably tastes better than the shop-bought version. However, there are times when you just don’t have the time to make your own pesto! For those times I keep jars of the following sauces at the back of my cupboard: Thai green and red curries, Saclà’s wild rocket pesto and Gordon Ramsay’s Italian sauces for pasta dishes.
  • Semolina – never used to make the ‘School-dinners-of-the-1970s-esque’ pudding in our house. Great however for dusting on homemade fat chips and on the bottom of pizza dough for an extra crispy crunch.
  • Soy Sauce – both the light and dark versions. The light it good for seasoning dishes and is saltier, the dark is more sweet and treacley so it’s used to add depth to dishes.
  • Stock Cubes – I’m a bit of a stock cube junkie. My favourite brand is Knorr and I use their standard beef, lamb, chicken, pork and vegetable cubes. If you’re making something like chicken soup but don’t want to / have time to make your own stock, it’s worth buying liquid stock in a jar.
  • Sweet chilli dipping sauce – great as a base flavour on tortilla wraps and as a dip for spicy potato wedges.
  • Tabasco sauce – essential tool for pleasing the whole family when you have a toddler! I often cook mildly spicy food and let my husband loose with the Tabasco to give his portion an extra kick!
  • Tikka paste – for lovely curries :)
  • Tomato purée – for adding depth of flavour to sauces and thickening them.
  • Vinegar – malt to go on chips; red and white wine and cider vinegars to go in various casseroles. I also love balsamic vinegar in salad dressings and with fruit. The dark one goes really well with pan fried strawberries and the white one with peaches.


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