Another essential item in the Stanley household. We use:

Onion and mustard mash with sausage and beans

Onion and mustard mash with sausage and beans

  • Standard baking potatoes –  for jackets, mash and hotpots.
  • Baby new potatoes –  for Pasta Genovese, a great midweek pasta dish and my Warm Mint and Pea Potato Salad.
  • Oven chips and Spicy Wedges from McCain. They taste really great and are lower fat than if I had made them myself! If you do make your own chips, don’t forget to rinse out all the excess starch in them under the cold tap before you try to cook them.
  • Hasselback potatoes – from ASDA’s Extra Special range – always in our freezer to bring out with roast dinners when I don’t have the time to do my own roast potatoes. Plus, you can cook them from frozen.
  • Smash – one of my daughter’s favourites! Seriously though, it’s great for weaning babies as the basic flavour is quite mild. Add milk, butter or philadelphia for a creamier taste and then chop / mash up other flavours into it. Her all time favourite addition is tuna mayonnaise.
  • Mash is a favourite in our house. When I was weaning our daughter, I’d always make extra and freeze the leftovers in large ice-cube trays so that I could add extra flavours, as above, for an easy lunch dish.
  • Gnocchi – tiny potato dumplings that you can cook like pasta but in a couple of minutes. You can buy them plain or with fillings such as spinach and ricotta or tomato and basil.



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