Nuts, Seeds and Dried Fruit

Here are my selection:

Nuts, seeds and dried fruit

Nuts, seeds and dried fruit

  • Flaked almonds – scatter them on top of all sorts of dishes from curries to knickerbocker glories to create a bit of interest
  • Ground almonds – lovely in cakes, replacing a bit of the flour to give a richer, stickier texture and flavour
  • Whole almonds – one of the key ingredients in my recipe for muesli – coming later in the year
  • Blueberries – as an alternative to raisins and sultanas in scones
  • Cranberries – fab in Christmassy treats like my Snowy Road and to add colour
  • Currants – use them with leftover pastry to make ‘dead fly pies’ (aka currant tunrovers) or in biscuits and scones.
  • Figs and apricots – The dried ones are great for snacking on and also to put in homemade muesli and lamb casseroles.
  • Hazelnuts – Buy them chopped or whole, toasted or not to make a really tasty addition to both sweet and savoury dishes.
  • Pine nuts – the basis for pesto, dry fry them and add them to pasta and gnocchi dishes to give a really deep nutty flavour.
  • Prunes – Lovely in lamb casseroles and Breton tart.
  • Raisins / Golden sultanas – another favourite in our house. Great for an on-the-go snack or to liven up rice – see my Chicken Pilaf.
  • Seeds – I love using different combinations of seeds in my cooking, bread-making and home made muesli. My favourites are: poppy, pumpkin (toast them in a dry pan for a healthy but very moreish alternative to popcorn or peanuts), sesame and sunflower.


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