I grew up running around in the back of my Grandparents’ butcher’s shop so I both know and love my meat!

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Here are my favourite meats to cook and eat:

Chorizo Rosario

Chorizo Rosario

  • Beef – I love steak (rump is the yummiest to me!) braising steak and all the old fashioned cheaper cuts that need longer cooking but give richer flavours, such as: shin of beef, oxtail and ox cheeks. I also love cold silverside on sandwiches with English mustard and ox tongue (not lunch tongue – it’s just not the same!) – a lovely nostalgic blast from the past! Also great in homemade burgers
  • Chicken – As with battery farmed eggs, battery chickens are off the menu at our house: free range is the way to go. So many chicken breasts are bought in the UK, when the rest of the bird gets ignored. I rarely buy breasts now as they are so expensive (and not as tasty) in comparison to other choices. I either use filleted thighs – they are far juicier and more flavoursome than breast meat or buy a whole chicken. With a bit of planning, you can get a few meals out of a whole bird, so it’s much more economical.
  • Lamb – diced shoulder of lamb for using in casseroles and mini lamb shanks for celebrations roast dinners. Minced lamb (rather than beef) gives a richer flavour and I love it in homemade burgers, but watch out for the fat content. Loin chops are the star of my Lancashire Hotpot!
  • Pork – Tenderloin fillet for stroganoffs and cooking pork medallions in sauce. It’s the pork equivalent of fillet steak. Thin boneless pork chops for my Lemon Pork Steaks and thick boned chops for slow roasting in perry in the oven. Thick roast ham and Napoli salami on sandwiches and in pasta dishes. Chorizo Rosario  from my local butcher’s in Paella. Their fiery Italian salami is great for adding heat and flavour to my Butternut Squash and Salami Risotto too.  I keep Cumberland sausages, (I recommend chatting to your local butcher to find out which sausages they make themselves) in the freezer for serving with mash. However, if you can only get to a supermarket, Porkinson are the next best thing. Dry cure (so you don’t get a load of water coming out of it) bacon and smoked lardons (for pasta sauces) in the freezer.


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