Here’s the list of what I regularly use. Assume it’s the fresh version rather than the dried, unless otherwise stated. They’re so much nicer. If I have herbs left over, I lay them

Chopped fresh mint

Chopped fresh mint

out flat and freeze them in the ‘fast freeze’ compartment of my freezer. When they’re frozen, I then put them in a freezer bag or little Tupperware pot. They’re not quite the same as fresh herbs, but better than dried in most cases.

  • Basil – usually in a plant pot on my kitchen window. Fab Italian flavour.
  • Bay leaves (dried) – put them in slow-cooked dishes to enhance the flavour and remove before serving
  • Curry leaves and Kaffir lime leaves (dried) – for authentic Asian recipes
  • lemongrass – I admit to using the pre-prepared lemongrass in a jar for making Thai dishes – it’s just one less thing to faff with!
  • Mint – grows rampantly, so is confined to a large pot outside my front door.
  • Oregano – one of the few herbs that’s just as good dried as fresh. Essential for authentic Italian flavours.
  • Rosemary – most people use this with lamb but for me it’s the star of my ‘Butternut Squash and Salami Risotto’, coming later in the year. It needs controlling if you grow it, as it can go a bit wild and take over!
  • Sage – goes well with pork see my ‘Lemon Pork Steaks’ coming later in the year
  • Tarragon – great aniseed flavour that goes well in chicken casseroles
  • Thyme – again in a pot outside my door ready for putting in slow-cooked beef dishes and homemade burgers


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