Fresh Fruit

see Nuts, Seeds and Dried Fruit for non-fresh fruit

  • Apples – cookers and eaters from 3 trees in our garden. They were given to us by my Grandpa, a really keen gardener. Delicious in crumble in the autumn so when the fruit’s ready, I make individual portions of crumble to store in the freezer and keep us going through the winter.
  • Bananas – one food I really could not live without. They’re the ultimate energy boost and fast food on the go! Slice them up into a knickerbocker glory glass with a covering of yogurt and a topping of crushed ginger biscuits for a quick midweek treat. If they’ve gone a bit past the point where you want to eat them, you can still put them in fruit loaves or whizz them up in smoothies
  • Blueberries – great fresh and also freeze well.
  • Figs – the fresh ones are amazing when in season. Slice them and serve with parma ham and mozzarella, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and a touch of balsamic vinegar. The dried ones are great for snacking on and also to put in homemade muesli and lamb casseroles.
  • Lemons and Limes – a squeeze at the end of the cooking time will give many dishes a bit of a lift.
  • Melon – we keep one in the fridge, so you can slice a little bit off for an appetiser or pudding, mixed with other fruits. We like the honeydew ones as the pale green flesh is really sweet. It’s a great starter to keep my daughter occupied in her highchair whilst I finish off preparing the meal.
  • Pears – You need to eat them in what is sometimes a very small window of opportunity but when you catch them at the right time, they’re fab! Tinned varieties are useful to keep in the cupboard for making quick desserts and for my Pork in Perry.
  • Peaches – I particularly love the Italian flatter varieties that are in season in the summer. I always have tinned peaches in juice in the cupboard for impromptu baking.
  • Pineapples – gorgeous with fresh mint and in yummy juices
  • Raspberries – for a soft fruit, these freeze surprisingly well. They can be a bit soft when they defrost but if you know this, you simply choose a recipe where it won’t be detected!
  • Strawberries – a real taste of summer. Perfect with cream, ice-cream or chopped up in a strawberry yogurt. You can also chop them into small dice, fill a lolly mould with them and then fill in the gaps with strawberry angel delight for easy fruit lollies on a hot summer’s day.


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