• Cod loin fillets – you can buy excellent quality cod loins already frozen so you just defrost them as you need them. If you buy fish fresh, it shouldn’t smell very fishy When it’s fresh and the eyes will be bright and sparkly if it’s still good to eat.

    Sugared Halibut Steak

    Sugared Halibut Steak

  • Salmon fillets – these aren’t my husband’s favourite, so they tend to pan-fried as a treat for me and my daughter on a night when he’s out! You can cube them and soak them in sweet chilli dipping sauce and lime juice and thread onto kebab skewers. Then either pan-fry or grill and serve with a vibrant salad in tortilla wraps.
  • Sardine fillets – in olive oil, with a squeeze of lemon on brown bread is a taste of the Mediterranean in 2 minutes!
  • Halibut steaks, either from the loin or as a cross-section of the fish. Halibut are a massive fish, so you don’t get any little bones, just one huge one down the middle. Great grilled in my Sugared Halibut Steak!
  • Tuna – always steak rather than chunks and always in water or sunflower oil. I find brined versions far too salty and it’s always better to add the amount of salt you want rather than have the manufacturer determine it. For outstanding tinned tuna steak try ASDA’s Extra Special Yellowfin Ventresca Tuna. You get a proper fillet of tuna in the tin – great for separating into slices and popping on a pizza, or alternatively just eating straight from the tin! It also tastes sublime.



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