Drinks Cabinet

These are the bottles that get pinched for cooking:

Bailey's Irish cream

Bailey's Irish cream

  • Bailey’s Irish cream – Check out my Bailey’s Cake for a decadent treat. Also yummy in hot chocolate.
  • Brandy – for making my special sauce to go with steak and chips.
  • Cointreau – smooth orange flavour – fab in Crêpes Suzette!
  • Crème de cassis – gives a beautiful flavour to my Summer Fruits Trifle
  • Elderflower cordial – a real taste of summer for me :)
  • Guinness – for steeping cheaper cuts of beef in overnight to tenderise them. You can then use the leftover liquid instead of stock in the casserole for a really rich flavour.
  • Mineral water – sparkling for making super-light batter for fish fillets
  • Orange juice – my secret ingredient for keeping homemade beef burgers really moist! Recipe coming up in time for the barbecue season :)
  • Perry (pear cider) – complements my braised pork chops beautifully and gives a really sweet flavour.
  • Pineapple juice – great in summer cocktails!
  • Tia Maria – the ‘adult content’ of my ‘not-for-kids Tiramisu
  • Wine – the rule is, if it’s too cheap and nasty to drink, don’t put it in your food. Boiling it in meat (or something else) is not going improve the flavour of a paintstripper wine! However, you can be sensible about the cost of wine used to cook with. One way of getting the most for your budget is by buying a cheaper wine than the one you will drink, but the same grape variety. This will mean that the flavours will work better together. Also remember if you can only afford one really nice bottle to drink, drink that one last. You won’t want to go back to any cheaper ones afterwards.
  • Gin – not strictly used in the kitchen, except when administered medicinally with tonic just before the arrival of dinner party guests!



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