I have a selection (secret stash!) in our kitchen cupboards, although it does have to be hidden from the rest of the family! I have:

Chocolate for baking and desserts

Chocolate for baking and desserts

  • Dark, 70% cocoa solids. I find anything over 70% too bitter, for both eating or baking with.
  • Milk, usually Green and Black’s because it has a richer but creamier flavour than other brands, but Galaxy is also good in my Double Chocolate and Raisin Cookies.
  • White, which isn’t really chocolate at all but tastes soo good, especially when it’s Green and Black’s again
  • Milk chocolate chips, for impromptu batches of cookies
  • Milk chocolate with crispy bits in from ASDA’s own range. It’s strictly for eating and enjoying and at about £1 for a big bar, you can’t go wrong. We also have a stock of:
  • Chocolate curls in a jar / Cadbury’s flakes for decorating desserts
  • Cocoa – another key ingredient for a house like ours, where chocolate puddings are a must. I love using Green and Black’s cocoa when I make a chocolate cake, as it makes a really super-rich sponge…definitely not for kids!
  • Nutella or chocolate hazelnut spread – on bread, toast, croissants, ice-cream sundaes and also in baking for an instant chocolatey flavour.

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