Here are the cheeses we eat and love:

Pecorino romano

Pecorino romano


  • Cheddar – I tend to buy mature flavoured cheddar for making cheese sauce at home. You can use less of it than milder versions so you keep the fat content down.
  • Crumbly Lancashire – my no.1 choice to go on biscuits!
  • Emmental slices – they freeze brilliantly and make the perfect toasted sandwiches. Also great for toddler snacks on the go.
  • Goats’ Cheese – lovely in my Spring Frittata (coming soon), and as an alternative to mozzarella on home-made pizzas.
  • Marscapone – a soft pasteurised Italian cheese, which is one of my favourite ingredients. Use it to make my Tiramisu and a host of other sweet and savoury dishes.
  • Mozzarella – great teamed up with Parma ham, fresh figs and a drizzle of olive oil / balsamic vinegar.
  • Soft cheese – standard version for our 2 year old, extra light version for her dad and me!
  • Parmesan, Grana Padano or Pecorino Romano – never pre-grated, it’ll smell like sweaty socks! Buy it in a block and grate it freshly with a microplane directly onto the food.


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