Here answers to the questions we’re asked most often. If you don’t find what you need here, please feel free to email me directly via kathryn@theYummyCookeryClub.com

Kathryn :)

Why am I not getting your weekly recipes?

It’s most likely to be a problem with either your email account, your spam filter or your junk mail options. The first thing to do is to put my email address (as above) on your safe senders list.

Then check that you’ve opted in to receiving the emails. You will have been sent an email link to do this when you signed up to the YCC. Without doing this, we can’t send you any emails as it’s classed as spamming you.

Quite a few members didn’t think they’d received this email but the vast majority have found it stuck in either their spam filter or their junk mail box.

If you’ve accidentally deleted this email before clicking on the link, we unfortunately can’t resend it. This is because the verification emails are automatically generated by our membership software and are unique to your profile. The only way round this is to:

1) Put me on your safe senders list (if I’m not on it already) before you start so have a better chance of the emails getting through your security.

2) Delete your YCC account and then re-instate it. Check that you’ve typed in your details and especially your email address correctly.

3) Look out for the verification email coming through. It should be there literally a couple of minutes after you sign up. If it’s not in your inbox, then check your junk mail and spam filter.

4) If you still can’t find it, then you need to contact your ISP and tell them that they are intercepting these messages but that you have signed up for them and want to receive them.

Most of our club members have sorted out the issue well before they have got to stage 4, however we have found that some types of email account i.e. free ones such as Hotmail and Yahoo have been much more prone to problems than emails linked to members own domain names or to their workplace. If you have a choice of which email to sign up with, I’d choose the non-free account!


When  I click on an external link to one of your recipes, it asks me to sign in before I can view it. Why is this?

This is set up this way on purpose, so that members have access to all the club site content but non-members can only see general information and a selection of sample recipes. Membership is totally free and without obligation, plus the sign up is really easy – we only ask for your name and email address so please come and join us!


Can you do print-friendly versions of your recipes?

We are currently working on this. As with all technology, it’s often a case of trial and error. We had one printer plug-in but it regularly missed off the ingredients from the recipe, so not very helpful! If you can recommend us a great printing plug-in, please email me at the address at the top of the page. Otherwise, it hopefully won’t be very long! An easy way of doing it yourself is to hold down Ctrl and then press P. This will print out all the recipe and photos.


I can’t eat one of the ingredients in your latest recipe, can you suggest an alternative?

First check the Notes at the bottom of the recipe page. If I have done an alternative version already, then the details will be there. If not, post a comment on the bottom of the recipes because then all the members will be able to see it, and 400+ heads will be better than one. I’ll always do my best to find replacement ingredients, as the evolution of our recipes is part of what the YCC is all about!