Storing and Transporting

Storing food and leftovers and being able to take your creations to other people is an important part of cookery management. The stuff below makes life easier:

Foil trays, plastic boxes, cling film and foil wrap

Foil trays, plastic boxes, cling film and foil wrap

  • Tupperware boxes / aluminium foil cartons – you can buy these really cheaply from pound shops and they are really great for using for batch cooking / freezing. Some people prefer to use the plastic cartons as they are reusable, others prefer the aluminium ones as they can be recycled in most places now. They can also go straight from the freezer into the oven. Whichever you choose, I recommend picking one type and size and sticking with it. This will mean that your cartons will stack  together more easily in the freezer and you can buy one size that fits a portion that will exactly feed your family in it – so no waste. Many of my main meal recipes are great as lunchbox leftovers. Grab a Tupperware and check individual dish notes for details on reheating!
  • Food labels – you don’t want to serve up a lovely apple pie for pudding, only to realise that it’s cheese and onion, do you?!! I write on the label: what it is, the date it was first made and how many people it will serve. I don’t really like the freezer marker pens as the ink tends to get damp and run, so I prefer to use pencil.
  • clingfilm – for heating up tortillas and wrapping up chilled leftovers
  • aluminium foil – great for stopping the top of dishes cooking too quickly before the middle is done. I tend to save the foil I have cooked a dish in to wrap up any leftovers. I always buy the premium foil rather than the budget one. It’s such a waste when the cheaper stuff rips and then you have to get a new piece anyway.
  • freezer bags – used more to wrap up stuff in our fridge, to be honest but still very useful
  • thermos flask for hot soups and stews as packed lunches


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