Here are my top pans, the ones I couldn’t live without:
  • chef’s or sauté pan – this is the piece of equipment that has the hardest life in my kitchen! It’s a large lidded, deep pan that gets used most days for making sauces, pasta dishes, curries, stews – you name it. Have a look at the photos on my mains and you’ll see it in action. If you are choosing a new one, I would go for one that has a lid (you’ll need it more than you think you will) and check the weight of the pan is manageable. As with any pan, you need to be able to lift it easily when it’s full.
  • saucepans – I have to say that I’m a generally non-stick girl for saucepans – it makes life so much easier! I have small, medium and large lidded saucepans (one of each) for different ingredients and quantities.
  • stockpot – This is a large lidded saucepan, with two small handles rather than one large one like a saucepan. It has two major attractions. Firstly, it can be used on both the hob and in the oven and secondly it holds about 25 portions of casserole when full. This is great for batch cooking and freezing meals for those nights when you need home cooking but don’t have the time (or energy) to do it. To get an idea of the size, it usually triggers the question ‘So when are the rest of the village turning up?’ from Peter!
  • frying pans – I have 3: a normal one, one with a metal handle, so it can go under the grill for making frittatas and a mini one for dry toasting nuts etc. Again, it’s non-stick all the way for me.


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