Ovenproof Dishes

It’s always good to have a good selection of dishes that will go in the oven, plus some that you can use on the hob instead. I have:

Le creuset cast iron casserole dish

Le creuset cast iron casserole dish

  • mini oval pyrex dishes that will serve one – ideal for individual steak and fish pies
  • oval pyrex dish that serves 2-3 or good for putting veg in when you’re serving more
  • small, medium and large pyrex bowls for everything from serving salads in to mixing cakes
  • large round, flat-bottomed pyrex dish – great for when you need a round shape or to make a round pattern
  • large oblong pyrex and earthenware dishes for lasagne of all sizes
  • large cast iron lidded casserole dish – my favourite for cooking stews etc. You can use it on the hob or in the oven and it will keep food warm with the lid on if you have to delay serving dinner at all. They can be expensive, but you wouldn’t expect to replace it. If the enamel wears off on the bottom of yours (it would have to have had a very hard life!) you can have them resurfaced.
  • ramekins for everything from serving sides of coleslaw to making Mini Chocolate Baked Alaskas



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