Grating and Grinding

Here are my thoughts on graters.

Microplane and cheese grater

Microplane and cheese grater

  • I don’t bother with electric graters, in the time it’ll take you to wash all the bits of it up, you could have either done it by hand or used the grating attachment on your food processor. Some people also swear by the rotary mouli graters.
  • microplanes are great for finely grating zest off limes / lemons and for creating a dusting of parmesan over risotto and pasta dishes.
  • my top tip for cleaning a grater or microplane if it gets lemon zest or similar stuck in it, is to grate a bit of old cheese in it. This will displace the zest. Then wash it in really hot water (or bung it in the dishwasher) and hey presto the cheese will melt, leaving it clean!
  • pestle and mortar – for grinding herbs or dry fried spices to add delicious flavours. Watch out when washing them up, as lots of them are made of porous material and shouldn’t be washed in detergent.


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