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I have to say that although I like to do some kitchen tasks by hand when I’ve got the time, the reality is that gadgets can save you time and energy when you need it. However, need to earn their cupboard space at our house and any that either don’t pull their weight or are a nightmare to clean after the job don’t tend to last very long!

My Kenwood Chef Titanium - the best mixer / processor in the world!

My Kenwood Chef Titanium - the best mixer / processor in the world!

  • food mixer / processor – for some jobs, a heavy duty food mixer / processor does really make life easier. The jobs I use mine most for are: liquidising soups (blender attachment), mixing cookie dough (in the main bowl with the dough hook because I don’t have the muscles to do it by hand!) finely dicing / grating veg if there’s a lot (e.g. for carrot cake) making cakes and whipping cream (although I do think that there’s a lot to be said for using a hand-held mixer for these, so you can feel the consistency of the mix more easily and therefore know when to stop); and pureeing baby food in the mini blender attachment. Hand held food mixers are also fab for whisking the lumps out of mash.
  • scales – I think these are one piece of equipment that it’s really worth going electronic on. You can weigh to the nearest gram or eighth of an ounce, which means that your cooking will be a lot more accurate. As one ml of liquid is mostly equal to one gram of weight, you can also pour liquids straight into your mixing bowl, without needing a measuring jug. You can buy electronic scales that are just like a platform that you stand your own bowl on really cheaply now. Work out which measurements you want and go for a set with an add and weigh function, so you can zero the measurement after adding each ingredient.
  • toaster (and toastabags) – for scrumptious toasties without the mess, plus who could live without hot, buttered crumpets?
  • kettle – so much quicker than putting a pan of water on the hob to boil
  • slow cooker – I have to admit that this is a new purchase, so I’m just getting into it! Any great recipes you have to use with a slow cooker will be very gratefully received :)
  • blow torch – not strictly electrical as they mostly run on gas, but essential for my favourite dessert, crème brûlée and my husband’s, mini chocalte baked alaskas.


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