Decorative Dishes

My main ones are:

My mega trifle dish - serves about 25!

My mega trifle dish - serves about 25!

  • mega trifle dish – essential centrepiece of our summer party buffet! It also doubles up as a punch bowl :)
  • white earthenware platters – I picked these up cheaply from a supermarket and for most of the year they sit on top of my kitchen cupboards. However, when we are entertaining large numbers of people, they are great as you can fit so much on them and they make the food look fab.
  • jelly and pannacotta moulds – for kids’ and grown-ups’ parties! For great ‘bunny in the grass’ jelly make an extra lime jelly in a separate mould to your rabbit jelly. Then chop it up into small pieces and arrange it round the rabbit to make it look like it’s in the field!



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