Here’s my ‘chopping kit’:

My favourite kitchen knives

My favourite kitchen knives

  • large wooden chopping board, doubles up as a trivet for hot dishes straight out of the oven and a serving plate for pizzas and garlic bread
  • pack of ‘worktop savers’  – basically different coloured sheets of toughend plastic that can be used as a chopping board and then go in the dishwasher. Useful if you will need more than one board in the course of cooking a meal.
  • small and medium paring knives, large chef’s knives, bread knives, palette knives, carving knife and fork
  • knife sharpeners – keeping your knives sharp is essential. Not only is using blunt knives harder work, but it’s more dangerous because you’re more likely to put more pressure on the knife and then slip and cut yourself.
  • pizza cutter, although sharp kitchen scissors also do the job.
  • kitchen scissors – for all manner of things but also great at chopping pizza into slices and snipping chicken fillets into bite size pieces


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