Cake Baking Equipment

Here is what I use (rather than what is stuck in the back of the cupboard!)
My motley collection of measuring jugs!

My motley collection of measuring jugs!

  • cake tins – 2 the same size for making sandwich cakes and another larger springform tin. This is really useful for flans and tarts, all tins have a removable bottom.
  • traditional earthenware flan dish for shallower quiches etc.
  • measuring jugs – again, I have a few in different sizes.
  • wire cooling racks – to prevent cakes getting soggy bottoms, although the mesh tray from your grill pan will do a good job if you don’t have one.
  • oven liner – it’s a piece of flexible non-stick material that you cut to size and put on the floor of your oven. If you have any spills, you just take it out and wipe it off with a damp cloth and then put the liner back in the oven. Magic!
  • biscuit and scone cutters – in a variety of designs and sizes
  • baking parchment – I don’t bother with greaseproof paper, as it invariably sticks to whatever you’re making.
  • rolling pin – making pastry is fun for kids too!
  • piping bags – for that yummy frosting on cupcakes and muffins
  • oven thermometer – not expensive but it can make a difference to how your cakes turn out if you know that your oven is running a bit hot or cool.
  • cellophane gift bags – so you can wrap up the delicious treats you’ve made and let others enjoy them!


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