Baking Sheets and Roasting Tins

Here’s my selection:

Baking sheets and tins

Fairy Cake tin

  • several baking sheets – you can never really have enough
  • Swiss roll tin – not just for Swiss rolls, but also for when you need a sheet with a lip – good to rest other dishes on in the oven if they might bubble over.
  • loaf tins – for the obvious but also can be used for lasagnes and other pasta bakes.
  • roasting tin – also good for standing other dishes in to stop them from bubbling onto your oven floor.
  • brownie trays – in the plural, because you never make a single batch, do you?
  • muffin and fairy cake / Yorkshire pudding tins
  • pizza stone – this would have been an extravagance if it hadn’t been bought for me by some lovely friends. Now I have it, I wouldn’t do pizza without it (fab melt in your mouth but still crispy base).
  • chicken brick – for the perfect roast chicken. These were made popular in the 1970s by Habitat and it’s the easiest meat dish you’ll ever cook. The ‘brick’ is a terracotta casing which steams the bird to perfection and gives a lovely crispy skin too.