This is the section to visit when you want to spoil yourself! My desserts are designed to be impressive yet easy.

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Please read the whole recipe through before starting to cook. The notes at the bottom of the page provide extra information on the ingredients, how to make alternative versions of the same dish, freezing and reheating dishes plus how the dish can be adapted for families with young children. Please feel free to browse the collection and try my recipes out :)


Snowy Road

For fans of Rocky Road and easy baking everywhere, here’s my Christmas version of this luscious treat. Perfect for wrapping up and giving as Xmas gifts, you can make it now and it’ll keep for either a month in the freezer or a week in an airtight container – as long as no-one knows it’s […] Read more »

Lemon and Blueberry Scones

A modern take on a truly traditional recipe! I love contrast these scones have with the traditional plain or fruit ones, served with strawberry jam. Perfect for afternoon teas and garden parties, give them a whirl…   The recipe makes 10 mini scones – my cutter measures about 6cm or 2 1/4 ” across. Ingredients: 8oz […] Read more »

Banoffee Pie

Banoffee Pie

      This is my Banoffee Pie – the Easiest Dessert in the World – I promise. There’s no cooking and you can knock one up in under half an hour. It’s great for when time is tight but you need to impress and it’s a firm favourite at our family parties. Have a […] Read more »

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