Party Bites

Party Bites!

These are my favourite combinations of party sandwiches. You can either put them on chunks of baguette that have been sliced in half, as below. Or if you prefer something a little more delicate and hors d’oeuvre-like, you can cut very slim rings of the baguette, lightly toast them and then top them with the […] Read more »

Spanish Toadilla!

      This is another deliciously unauthentic dish! I’ve put that it will serve 8, but with accompaniments, you could easily get away with splitting it into 10 or even 12 pieces. The cross between Spanish tortilla (omelette) and Toad in the hole might sounds as unlikely as a Labradoodle but once you’ve tried […] Read more »

Perfect Salmon Steaks

Perfect Salmon Steaks

      I’m often asked how to cook fish so that it’s really succulent, so here’s my guide to making it easy. You can use the same method for other meaty fish such as cod or haddock. It’s really simple and will ensure you get a juicy steak, whichever fish you choose. Salmon used […] Read more »

Sharing Platters

Sharing Meat Platter

This is more of an assembly than a recipe but it never fails to wow when I’m entertaining. I either do the full version as the centrepiece in a buffet for parties when we’re entertaining a lot of people or a scaled down version for the starter at dinner parties. You can mix and match […] Read more »

Penne Marinara

      This is a great dish to make when you need to rely on what you already have in because it’s pretty much made up of store cupboard ingredients. Again, it’s probably not very authentic but I’m sure you’ll forgive me with flavours like these. The sweet red peppers make it a real […] Read more »

Sugared Halibut Steaks

Sugared Halibut Steak

      This recipe’s a real treat for fish lovers and also great for those who don’t like the ‘fiddling around with the bones’ aspect of smaller fish. Halibut grow to be an average of 25lb in weight and up to 4 feet long. This recipe is not only really quick and easy, it’ll […] Read more »

Cod and Porcini Mushroom Bake

cod and porcini mushroom bake

    but easily adapted to feed more or less people     This is comfort food as its best and most elegant. My  recipe for Cod and Porcini Mushroom bake is a grown up take on fish pie but without all the fuss. My husband Peter loves this dish, even though he officially doesn’t […] Read more »

Bake-me-in-the-oven Mediterranean Risotto

Mediterranean risotto 2-220

Serves 4 I love risotto but I have to say that I don’t love standing next to the stove for half an hour stirring the stock in a spoonful at a time. My one-pot version of this classic cuts out all the fuss and I’m sure you’ll love its creamy taste. It’s a real family […] Read more »

Luxury Smoked Salmon Pâté


This recipe for smoked salmon pâté is equally delicious served at a posh dinner party or as a lunchtime treat on granary bread. It’s very quick to make and far better than any shop bought versions. Timings: Start to finish: 20 mins maximum Ingredients: 1x 250g Mascarpone cheese Juice of half a lemon 2 x […] Read more »