Nutmeg Potato Bake


      This is a fantastic side dish to serve with both meat and vegetarian mains. It’s an easy, prepare ahead version of more fiddly potato dishes such as Potatoes Dauphinoise. However, it lacks none of the creaminess of the traditional recipes. I’ve put that it serves 4, but you could easily stretch it […] Read more »

Perfect Salmon Steaks

Perfect Salmon Steaks

      I’m often asked how to cook fish so that it’s really succulent, so here’s my guide to making it easy. You can use the same method for other meaty fish such as cod or haddock. It’s really simple and will ensure you get a juicy steak, whichever fish you choose. Salmon used […] Read more »

Cheese Sauce

A lot of people buy in cheese sauces, both in packet form and from the supermarket chiller cabinet. Making your own cheese sauce is really easy and you can do it in just 10 minutes. To find out how, look below!   Timings: Start to finish: 10 mins cooking / prep   Ingredients: 30g plain flour […] Read more »