Snowy Road

For fans of Rocky Road and easy baking everywhere, here’s my Christmas version of this luscious treat. Perfect for wrapping up and giving as Xmas gifts, you can make it now and it’ll keep for either a month in the freezer or a week in an airtight container – as long as no-one knows it’s […] Read more »

Lemon and Blueberry Scones

A modern take on a truly traditional recipe! I love contrast these scones have with the traditional plain or fruit ones, served with strawberry jam. Perfect for afternoon teas and garden parties, give them a whirl…   The recipe makes 10 mini scones – my cutter measures about 6cm or 2 1/4 ” across. Ingredients: 8oz […] Read more »

Banoffee Pie

Banoffee Pie

      This is my Banoffee Pie – the Easiest Dessert in the World – I promise. There’s no cooking and you can knock one up in under half an hour. It’s great for when time is tight but you need to impress and it’s a firm favourite at our family parties. Have a […] Read more »

Blackberry and Apple Flan

Blackberry and Apple Flan

      This dessert is a delicious fusion of two cultures, of Great Britain and Brittany! The recipe is based on a traditional ‘Far Breton’ or ‘Brittany Tart’. The original has a filling of Armagnac soaked prunes and here’s where my version takes a twist. I’ve added the quintessentially British combination of blackberry and […] Read more »

Jubilee Chicken Millefeuille

Jubilee Chicken Millefeuille

      So here’s my updated take on Coronation Chicken. It looks stunning and, as usual, is pretty easy to put together. The spiced cream filling is sooo delicious (not that I’m biased or anything!). It really complements the chicken and mango, bringing everything together in a very modern interpretation of the classic dish. […] Read more »

Jubilee Tart

Add the blueberries

    Here’s a lovely tart to take to your Jubilee events. It looks very impressive but is actually also not very difficult to make. It has a lovely fresh and light taste and is also much lower in saturated fat than similar desserts. I’ve put that it serves 6 but these are generous portions […] Read more »

Pan Fried Croissants


      Yes, it does beg the question why you would want to fry a croissant but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! I promise you’ll be converted. This dessert is a total delight and is a cross between two French treats, croissants and French toast. What emerges is a very light but […] Read more »

Caribbean Pudding

Caribbean Pudding

      Well this is actually a Vanilla and Coconut pudding with a Mango and Malibu Custard, but that’s far too long to put as a title! It’s one of those dishes that you can literally whip up in minutes, not least because it’s pretty much made up of store cupboard ingredients. I love […] Read more »

Chocolate Valentines

Chocolate Valentine

      This Valentines’ treat can be made at any time of year but is perfect for special occasions. It’s prepare ahead pâtisserie made easy and perfect for your romantic dinner à deux! Most restaurants (yes, even the posh ones!) don’t make their own puff pastry and the ready made ones you can buy […] Read more »

Pear and Chocolate Puddings

Pear and Chocolate Pudding

      This is a great dessert to make after Christmas when the stores are full of cut-price panettoni. I love the light but luxurious flavour of this dish. It’s really easy to make (prepare it ahead if you’ve got people coming round for dinner) and you can easily multiply it up to make […] Read more »

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