Hi and Welcome…

…to The Yummy Cookery Club :)

My name is Kathryn Stanley and for years friends have been telling me that I should write a cookbook to share all my delicious recipes. The Yummy Cookery Club is the result of many years of pestering!

I would love you to sign up and enjoy the food I cook on a regular basis. As the club and its community evolve, we’ll create a comprehensive resource that you can use to plan your meals for the week. You’ll also be able to see what other members think of the dishes and join in the fun.

Membership Benefits

  • It’s totally free and without any obligation
  • You don’t need to fill in pages of information about yourself to join: just your name, username and email address
  • You’ll be sent links to my delicious and easy recipes
  • I have a large repertoire of my own recipes (complete with photos) ready to share with you
  • You’ll learn new cooking techniques, designed to make life easy
  • As members will be able to make the dishes on the same week, I’ll be looking forward to you posting your comments, photos and even videos
  • The dishes are great for both cooking regularly as part of your stock of everyday recipes but also for fuss-free entertaining
  • As a member, you’ll have unlimited access to all areas of the club, including the back-catalogue of recipes
  • I’m also looking forward to answering any kitchen queries in the ‘In a Pickle?’ section
  • Many of the dishes from different weeks are designed to fit together to make easy 3 course menus, so dinner parties with friends will be a breeze

Sign up now to join in all the fun, see the first batch of recipes and get free cookery support :D :

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